Diamond Dolls




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  • Full Nude Strip
  • Lap Dancing
  • Lesbian Show
  • Pole Dancing
  • Popout Cake
  • Promo Modeling
  • Topless Bartending
  • Topless Card Dealing
  • Topless Strip
  • Topless Waiter/Waitress


Were hear about the great synergy between you and Richelle during your show. What do you think makes Diamond Dolls so hot? Richelle and I have been friends since June of 2009.. We actually met through myspace and immediately had crushes on each other... just by looking at each others pics! I think our synergy is great because we are such good friends as well as taking it to the next level and being intimately involved... No matter what, we cherish our friendship first. Diamond Dolls is hot because you can see the chemistry we have between us. We love to have fun and be wild and crazy together... We add a sexy/fun/down and dirty/leaving you laughing/and turned on kinda spin to things!!! You won't wanna miss this!!! RICHELLE:In your words, What do you think makes Diamond Dolls so hot? Is there a real chemistry between you guys off stage? We have amazing chemistry together when were performing and when were not, we love eachother and it shows on the stage and off :)


Richelle Ryan + Lisa Licious = DIAMOND DOLLS!