BJ McNaughty



Measurements: Height: 5' 6" Hair Color: varies Eye Color: Hazel

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  • Feature Dancer
  • Full Nude Strip
  • Lap Dancing
  • Topless Strip


Balloon animals, cotton candy and the tears of grown men. Are you down to clown? Spreading joy everywhere I go!

Special Talents

Shows Include Clowning Around, Magic Panties, Rodeo Clown, Fast Food Fun, Rag Doll do make balloon animals during my normal sets. I make dogs, penises and dogs with big penises. Recently I added giraffes and vaginas to my repertoire. I also make dick hats that double as a balloon strap on! Sometimes I bring my sidekick Pepe the Handjob puppet on stage with me, so dirty puppetry?

Available Costumes

Homeless Stripper, . I do several various clown looks. In addition to my normal clown looks I also do Rodeo Clown, Rhonda McDonald, Pennywise, & Raggedy Ann The clown comes with a lot of props to include: rubber chicken, hand puppet, balloons, twirling ribbons, clown horn, squirting flowers, magic tricks and more!