Murray Pilch



Measurements: Height: 5' 9" Hair Color: Salt & Pepper Eye Color: Brown

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  • Popout Cake

Special Talents

Pizza Delivery, Flower Delivery, Balloon Delivery, New Patient, New Client, Job Applicant, Stranded Motorist

Available Costumes

Drag Queen, Elmo, Batman, Power Ranger, Winnie The Poo, Cowboy, Indians, Easter Bunny, Bum, Nerd, Old Man, Annoying Man, Pretend Guest, Santa, Hanukah Harry, Austin Powers, Clown, Harry The Fairy, Ass-wipe the clown, Swami-the phony psychic, the comical Uncle Sam, the annoying guy, beach bum Bob, homeless guys, Top Hat & tails singing telegram, Batman, Donald Trump, Willie Wonka, Albert Einstein